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Gen Con 50 (2017)

Here’s some quick statistics :

Number of Items in the Auction 14,054
Number of Items Sold 10,591
Value of Items Sold $178,731
Number of Items Auctioned (non-Consignment Store) 4,865
Number of Items Sold from the Consignment Store 5,726
Percent items Registered in the last week 48%
Amount Raised for Charity (Child Advocates)

This was the second year that there were no on-site registrations. We had a few frustrated would-be sellers who still hadn’t gotten the word, but overall the sellers seem to appreciate it because of the advantages I spelled out last year:

1) Faster setup for us on Wednesday (no need to setup 4+ extra computers and printer)

2) Faster drop-off for sellers (since we had everything setup and ready to roll, and we didn’t have to spare anyone to help those entering items) !

3) Less congestion in the room of people waiting with stacks of games to get to the on-site computers.

I think that all the sellers who pre-registered would agree that check-in went VERY smoothly this year.

In addition we added another credit card machine – this allowed us to keep one over by item intake during the busiest times (Wednesday and Thursday morning). This minor change saved many a seller the extra steps needed if the only credit card machine was over by the registers.


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Graph: Number of Items Sold by Hour

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Graph: The procrastination factor. Number of items registered by day.

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Here’s a down-loadable spreadsheet of every item in the auction. Make sure to save with an extension of XLS.

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