Welcome to Live Game Auctions

Item registration for Gen Con 2019 is open now through the Sunday before the convention (July 28th).

Auction Information

We are a passionate group of volunteers that run the Gen Con auction in Indianapolis each year. Over the years we have found new homes for thousands of old games where they will be played and loved.

Tentative Schedule

This is the basic schedule we follow - there will be additional details fleshed out once we get to the convention and see how many items of each type we get.

Register Your Items

To sell items, you must pre-register them, selecting a price for each day if it is going to the consignment store, or picking a reserve price for items to be live auctioned. Print the tags and attach them securely to the items.

How it Works: Buying and Selling

Are you a first-timer? Start here to learn how the Gen Con auction works and how you can participate.


Every year Gen Con selects a sponsored charity. We collect items from dealers and attendees to sell during a special segment of the auction - where 100% of the proceeds are given to the designated charity.

Latest News

Auction Registration Open

You can now begin registering items for Gen Con 2019. I have a few more updates to do, but the system is up and working.

FYI: I’m planning on implementing a new login system that will eventually allow auction participants to comment on news items, view registered items and other fun things.

Second Helpings Charity – Thank you Note

We received a thank-you from Second Helpings (one of the two 2018 charities), thanking us for the money we raised during the Gen Con Charity Auction.

We’d like to give a big “Thank You” to everyone who participated in the Charity auction (whether you won an item or not).   You all have helped feed deserving families in central Indiana.