This is a description of how such an auction and consignment store works for the Gen Con auction. If you are attending another convention’s auction please read the description from the websitethat hosts that specific auction to see how that will differ from Gen Con’s procedures.

The Gen Con auction is run by a group of long-term volunteers and a core of three managers known as “The Partnership”. We are sub-contracted by Gen Con each year to host the game auction and a separate Charity Auction segment.

In order to sell games at the Gen Con auction, all the items (aka Lots) must be pre-registered on this website. You print the auction tags, that include an identifying barcode, and attach them to the items.

There is a registration fee for each Lot. A lot may consist of more than one item provided they are securely attached to each other so they don’t become separated. There is a different fee for registering your item depending upon whether you want it to be auctioned on stage (the Live auction) or placed in the consignment store.

The consignment store allows you, the seller, to put a fixed price for each day of the convention that you would like to sell your item for. So you can put a fairly high price for Thursday and lower prices on Friday and Saturday to try and minimize your having to take the item home! A buyer can pick any item or items up in the consignment store, take them to the purchasing stations, and pay for them, like in a retail store.

If items are placed in Gen Con’s live auction, then the auctioneers will choose an order to sell the items. They group them by type, e.g. “family board games”, “lead miniatures”, “wargames”. Etc. A schedule is posted by early Thursday, so the bidders will know when items they are interested in are being offered for sale.