After you’ve printed your tags you need to affix them to your items. This should be done in such a manner that it can be removed without damaging the item but secure enough that the tag will not get separated from the item accidentally. We’ve had good luck with painters tape – it seems to have about the right level of stickiness for most items. Very fragile, old, or extremely valuable items should NOT have the tag directly attached – instead the item should be in a box or (clear) bag and the tag affixed thereon. Please try and align the tag such that the barcode is not obscured and is in a “flat” area of the item.

The Gen Con Auction typically accepts games, and items related to hobby gaming. Some frequent categories you may see on the schedule include RPG’s, Board Games, Collectible Card Games, Miniatures, TOVA (which stands for Toys, Oddities, Video Games and Art) and more specific categories by theme or publisher (such as Train Games, or Games Workshop) are common.  We do not accept food or living beings of any sort, Humanoid or otherwise. We also can not accept any mildewed or moldy items, counterfeit items, porn or anything resembling a real weapon.

The auction registration site will be shut down at midnight the Sunday before the convention so that we can download the data.  You may be able print tags after that date, but please make an attempt to have printed all your tags prior to this date. IMPORTANT NOTE: Any changes you make to your account after Sunday will not be reflected in the on-site copy of the system – so make sure your name/address/phone number is accurate prior to that. Also, don’t change your password until after the convention..

Drop off Your items

When you bring your items to the convention pack them so all your Live Auction Items are together, separate from any Consignment Store Items. You may be asked to wait in two lines to drop off the store and auction items separately. Please make sure to have your tags attached to your items before you arrive.

Bring your items to the auction location at Gen Con during the drop-off times. Check Important Dates and Times for when we’re open to accept items. You MUST have your convention badge with you to drop off your items – so pick that up first if you need to.

The staff will scan and verify each item checked in, or for a streamlined check-in you can opt to sign a waiver. Once signed we automatically check all of your items as “received” and the auction will not be responsible for any missing items.

You must pay $1.00 for a “bidder” card plus the registration costs of the items. You can review the costs on the Overview page.


You can request partial payments as soon as any of your items have sold (provided we have a cash register open, and up through Saturday at 6pm), and get a final payment when the auction is over, on Sunday between 10:00am and 2:00pm. Make sure you have a picture ID with you. If you do not bring an ID, your payment will be mailed to you by check within a couple of weeks. Also a check will be mailed to you if you cannot make it to the auction room on Sunday during the payout times.

The Disclaimer

The auction staff reserves the right to modify these procedures without notice.