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Gen Con SoCal 2003


Yes, that’s right…$95,000.00!

That was the winning bid at the Gen Con So Cal Game Convention auction for an original shipping case (10 sealed display boxes) of the first Magic: The Gathering expansion: Arabian Nights.

A constant stream of visitors to the auction ogled the fantastic display in the showcase. Members of the auction staff were (unsuccessfully) prodded to reveal details regarding this amazing consignment. Did it belong to Peter Adkison, the owner of Gen Con and former CEO of Wizards of the Coast? How could a full case have survived the ten years of collectors’ euphoria and playing this first ever (and very limited) printing of Magic? How many serious bidders were there and what were the prices being discussed? Is it true that Saddam Hussein was caught by triangulation of his cellular telephone as he was bidding on the case?

On Saturday night shortly after 9:30pm, after an amazing and poignant introduction of the consignment by Peter Adkison himself (in full costume!), the auction for the case of Arabian Nights “bricks” commenced. There were several proxy bidders who requested that their bids be removed because they wanted to bid in person. The proxy sign was in place onstage for one bidder who was not present. And there was a telephone bidder communicating with an auction staff member.

Lead auctioneer Frank Mentzer began the bidding at a mere $1,000, for which everyone in the room raised their bid cards. Then it got serious. Frank set the bid increments higher as the auction progressed. By the time the bidding reached $70,000, Frank had to admit that he had never seen numbers this high in all the years he has been auctioneering.

The proxy bidder sign onstage dropped after $90,000. The next increment brought the high bid to $95,000. There was a pregnant pause as confirmation was made with the telephone bidder. Yes! That bidder was still in! Once…twice…fair warning…SOLD! The room erupted in cheers!

Teri’s note: I was taking video on my digital camera and got the entire bidding sequence. When Frank shouted “SOLD!”, I turned the camera to pan the room and get a shot of the auction staff member talking to the telephone bidder. My camera ran out of memory right then. I turned my head back to the stage to see Frank’s head down on the table; he was clearly overwhelmed (and I wish I could’ve gotten that photo)! And I later overheard someone say that Peter (sitting in the audience) had turned white with shock!

So indeed, the one absolute that got answered that night was $95,000.00 was paid by a telephone bidder for the extremely rare full case. Scrye magazine, a leading price guide for collectible card games, listed the value in their January 2004 issue as ranging from $67,500.00 to $87,500.00 based on the per-“sealed display” price.

Teri’s note: The next day, we ran into Peter as the convention was winding down. He was still overwhelmed by the previous night’s events, and let us in on a little tidbit. The $95,000 bid was more than what he paid for the entire Arabian Nights print run!

Here are some of the other top prices paid for items in the auction:

  • $550.00  Set of 7 fossilized “Dinosaur Dice” in a lockable wooden display case by Crystal Caste.
  • $220.00  “To the Aid of Falx” RPGA Module R1 in original shrink-wrap.
  • $180.00  “Dune” RPG Hardbound Rules Set by Last Unicorn Games and autographed in person at the auction by the author, Owen Seyler.
  • $165.00  “Talisman” boxed 2nd Ed. by Games Workshop.

With the success of the auction and the great venue chosen by Gen Con LLC, we are certain that next year’s auction will be even bigger and better.

The Gen Con auction staff wishes to thank everyone who attended and made successful the inaugural auction at Gen Con So Cal this year. Special thanks go to Peter Adkison and the entire Gen Con LLC staff for their continued active support for the best game convention auctions anywhere.

Gen Con 2003

The 2003 Gen Con Game Auction was a success in Indianapolis!

Excitement was in the air as the auction staff arrived to host the first-ever Gen Con game auction at the Westin Hotel in Indianapolis. To say that the new facilities are “large” for Gen Con at the Indiana Convention Center would be an understatement. The convention center is huge, beautiful, and conveniently linked to eight different hotels by way of skywalks.

Several of the outlying hotels hosted events, and the Auction itself was placed in the Capitol Ballroom in the Westin. Again, the Westin is just across the street from the convention center and easily accessible by way of the 2nd floor skywalk.

We were extremely pleased to see many former Milwaukee regulars and Origins auction customers at the first Indy auction.

Here are some of the numbers generated:

  • 637 total registered participants (buyers and sellers).
  • 40 regular auction staff volunteers working the auction.
  • 9,921 items consigned to the auction or auction store.
  • 7,419 items sold in the auction or from the auction store.
  • $77,145.00 gross sales amount.
  • $10.40 average selling price per item.
  • 50 hours of live auctioneering in just four days!
  • Friday night’s collector session runs until 2:00am Saturday!
  • Saturday night’s collector session runs until 1:00am Sunday!
  • The “traveling Kriegspiel” with full provenance (traditionally the last item sold at every Gen Con auction) sells to Jeffrey Lunsford at a record price of $88.00!

The top valued items sold:

  1. $650.00     The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth (original tournament module for Winter Con V) by TSR
  2. $625.00     Titan: The Monster Slugathon (with Borderlands Expansion) by Gorganstar
  3. $590.00     Dinosaur Dice: Boxed Presentation Set by Crystal Caste
  4. $550.00     Ten Speed-Painted Figures for the Aces Charity Auction
  5. $500.00     Palace of the Vampire Queen, 1st Printing
  6. $350.00     Magic: The Gathering Revised Edition Sealed Booster Box
  7. $220.00     Tom Wham’s Last Bolotomus Pelt Plush
  8. $185.00     Broadsides & Boarding Parties by Milton Bradley
  9. $180.00     Lizardmen (Boxed Warhammer Army)
  10. $180.00     Dark Tower by Milton Bradley

The auction was smooth as silk thanks to our 40 regular staff members who worked long and hard to ensure a well-run event. Based on this first auction in Indianapolis, we are all looking forward to a long and successful run for the future in this city.

We thank all of our loyal customers for participating in the auction and continuing to make it a highlight event at the Gen Con gaming convention!

Gen Con 2002

The 2002 Gen Con Game Auction set new records across the auction spectrum!

Hopes ran high for a large turnout at the 2002 Gen Con Game Auction. Many factors converged to make this one of, if not the greatest game convention auctions ever! Gen Con was under the new ownership of Peter Adkison, the former CEO of Wizards of the Coast. This was to be the last Gen Con convention in Milwaukee, moreover, the last Gen Con in the state of Wisconsin for the foreseeable future. The auction was finally given its due by being moved into the Midwest Express Convention Center after years of being two blocks away in Kilbourn Hall. All these factors contributed to the overwhelming success of this year’s game auction!

Here are some of the unreal statistics:

  • 870 total registered participants (buyers and sellers)
  • 36 regular auction staff volunteers working the auction
  • 11,007 items consigned to the auction or auction store
  • 8,228 items sold in the auction or from the auction store
  • $105,284.00 gross sales amount
  • $12.80 average selling price per item
  • 49 hours of live auctioneering in just over three days!
  • Friday night’s collector session runs until 3:00am Saturday!
  • The “traveling Kriegspiel” with full provenance sells to William Griffin, age 7, to a standing ovation as the last item sold at a Milwaukee Gen Con game auction!

The top valued items sold:

  1. $1600.00 C2: Ghost Tower of Inverness (original tournament module) by TSR
  2. $1350.00 C1: The Lost Tamoachan (original tournament module) by TSR
  3. $ 800.00 S4: Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth (pre-release manuscript) by TSR
  4. $ 750.00 Dungeons & Dragons (brown wood grain box set) by TSR
  5. $ 530.00 Rahasia by Daystar West
  6. $ 525.00 Quest for the Fazzlewood (2nd) by TSR
  7. $ 480.00 RPGA1: Rahasia by TSR
  8. $ 450.00 RPGA2: Black Opal Eye by TSR
  9. $ 380.00 Magic: The Gathering Revised Ed. Sealed booster display by WOTC
  10. $ 375.00 The Ringbearer by Little Soldier

What a fitting goodbye to the City of Milwaukee for the many years of great service to the Gen Con game convention! What a terrific lead-in to Indianapolis in 2003! Hope to see you all there!


Origins 2002

The 2002 Origins Game Auction was another huge success!

After organizing the last six Origins Game Auctions (1997 to 2002), The Weekend Warrior Game Company and the Auction Staff, thank all the many buyers and sellers who continue to make the Origins Game Auction one of the featured events at the entire convention.

After placing the Origins National Gaming Convention at the wonderful Columbus, Ohio Convention Facilities in 1996, GAMA and the host operations groups have continued to grow the convention into one of the premier events in the Adventure Gaming Hobby.

This year, GAMA selected to organize and administer the convention directly without subcontracting the tough job to another company. Luckily GAMA had “Super” Dave Radzik, a well-known name in the industry and experienced convention organizer at the operational helm. Dave did his usual “super” job!

As for the auction…

  • 422 total registered participants (buyers and sellers)
  • 2612 items consigned to the auction
  • 2583 items sold at the auction
  • $36,325.00 gross sales amount
  • $14.08 average selling price per item

The top valued items sold:

  1. $725.00 “Meteorite Dice” Set of 5 (virtually unique) by Crystal Caste
  2. $470.00 “Command Magazine” Issues #1-#44 complete, unpunched
  3. $360.00 “Talisman” 3rd edition set with expansions
  4. $350.00 “Origins Special Package- Warhamster Wiz Kids Style”
  5. $270.00 “Innocence Abroad” Parker Brothers
  6. $220.00 “Campaign for North Africa” SPI unpunched
  7. $220.00 “War Between the States” SPI unpunched
  8. $200.00 “Flying Fortress” Poultron Press
  9. $170.00 “War in Europe” SPI
  10. $155.00 “Korsun Pocket” People’s War Games