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Gen Con 2010

Here’s some quick statistics :

Number of Items in the Auction 13,173
Number of Items Sold 9,542
Value of Items Sold $124,908.52
Number of Items Auctioned (non-Consignment Store) 5,146
Number of Items Sold from the Consignment Store 4,396
Amount Raised for Charity (Pajama Program) $11,904.67
Amount Raised for Gygax Memorial $9,128.00

We hit a record number of items in the auction this year with 13,173 items. The more numerically capable of you may be wondering how that is a record considering that last year we had 13,255 items in the auction. The answer is simple! Last year’s count included the charity items, this year’s count does not. We started a new procedure to make the charity auction a bit easier on us. We devoted a cash register to this section. All charity items had to be paid for immediately and at the end of the segment we ran the tape to get the total raised for charity – much simpler than creating an auction tag for each charity item.


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Graph: Number of Items Sold by Hour

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Graph: The procrastination factor. Number of items registered by day.

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Here’s a down-loadable spreadsheet of every item in the auction. Make sure to save with an extension of XLS.

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