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Gen Con 2022 Schedule

Consignment Store

Thursday10am – 10pm
Friday 9am – 10pm
Saturday 9am – 7pm

Item Drop Off

Reminder: You will need your vaccination wristband and your badge before you come to the auction!

Wednesday Noon – 6pm
Thursday 10am – 8pm
Friday 9am – 5pm
(Consignment store items only
– and dependent upon inventory)

Seller Payouts

Thursday 11am – 9pm (Advance Partial Payouts – no unsold pickups)
Friday 9am – 9pm (Advance Partial Payouts – no unsold pickups)
Saturday 9am – 6pm (Advance Partial Payouts – no unsold pickups)
Sunday 10am – 2pm (Final payouts & unsold item pickup)

Live Auction (Tentative)

This is the Day and Times when specific item types will be sold. It is important to remember that this is TENTATIVE. This tentative schedule is based on the items being pre-registered for the Live Auction. The actual schedule for the day will be posted outside the auction room – so be sure to check there each morning for the most up-to-date information.

Thursday (10 am – 10pm)

10 amBoardgames (Family)
11:30 amBoardgames (Historical)
1 pmWar Games                               
incl SPI, S&T, Wargamer, Against the Odds
2 pmRPG (TSR, D&D 1st & 2nd Ed)
3 pmBoardgames (Fantasy)
4 pmBoardgames (Party / Casual)
5 pmRPG’s (Fantasy)                          
incl Pathfinder, D&D 3,  3.5, & 4
6 pmWar Games                               
incl Avalon Hill, Milton Bradley
7 pmBoardgames (Sci-Fi)
7:30 pmRPG (Fantasy, supers, misc) 
9 pmBoardgames (Fantasy)               
incl supers, Heroquest, Dark World, D&D, Pathfinder

Friday (10 am – 11 pm)

10 amBoardgames (Family)
10:30 amBoardgames (Historical)
11 amRPG (Sci Fi)                            
incl FFG, Traveller, FASA, Starfinder
11:30 amBoardgames (Sci Fi)                
incl GDW, GMT, Metagaming
12:30 pmWargames                              
incl GMT, ASL
1:30 pmBoardgames (Fantasy)            
incl Fantasy Flight, Mythos
2:30 pmPre-Painted Plastic Minis       
incl Heroscape, Heroclix, X-Wing etc
3 pmMiniatures (unpainted)
5 pmGames Workshop
6:30 pmMiniatures (painted)
7 pmRPG’s (TSR, D&D 1st & 2nd)
8:00pm – ???Collector Section

Saturday (10 am – Midnight)

10 amBoardgames (Family)
11 amBoardgames (Trains)
11:30 amLCG / CCG / TCG
Collectible cards & dice
12:30 pmRPG’s (Mythos & supernatural themes)  
Chaosium, White Wolf, Modiphius, Pinnacle  
1:30 pmRPG’s                                              
incl D&D 5E, LOTR, NOVA
2 pmWargames                                              
incl NOVA, Iron Crown, TSR
2:30 pmBoardgames (Fantasy)                    
incl LOTR, supernatural themes
3 pmBoardgames (Misc)
3:30 pmBoardgames (Party/Casual)
4 pmTOVA (Toys, Oddities, Videogames, Art)
7:00 pm – ???Charity Auction (incl Ace of Aces)

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