Gen Con 2012 Auction Report

This year we changed the registration costs (increase), with a corresponding decrease in commission percentage (10%) for Consignment Store items.  The on-site registration costs were increased significantly (from $0.50 to $1.00 for consignment store items and from $1.00 to $3.00 for Live auction items).  This combination of changes helped to reduce the number of items in the "live" portion of the auction so we could actually get through them all as well as encouraging a higher percentage of items to be preregistered.

Here's some quick statistics :

Number of Items in the Auction 12,871
Number of Items Sold 8,976
Value of Items Sold $126,789.95
Number of Items Auctioned (non-Consignment Store) 3,220
Number of Items Sold from the Consignment Store 5,756
Amount Raised for Charity (Stars Youth Foundation) $11,878.80
Amount Raised for Charity (Gygax Memorial) $15,383.34


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Graph: Number of Items Sold by Hour

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Graph: The procrastination factor. Number of items registered by day.

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Here's a down-loadable spreadsheet of every item in the auction. Make sure to save with an extension of XLS.